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Driving meaningful change through visionary leadership and collective action, our organization's impact resonates far and wide, inspiring a better tomorrow.

Past Summits

See where we've been for our flagship Leadership Training Summits.

Berkeley Summit

Spring 2023

Spring 2023 Leadership Training Summit: Igniting Change-Makers. Empowering emerging leaders to drive impact, our vibrant summit cultivated a community of visionaries dedicated to positive change.

Berkeley Summit

Fall 2022

The Fall 2022 Berkeley Summit was our first in-person program in the US since the pandemic.  The reboot of our flagship summit made it an unforgettable experience for all those who participated.

Taiwan Summit

Winter 2022

Our impactful summit in Taiwan united leaders, sparking their potential as change-makers. Through dynamic workshops and shared insights, attendees embraced their roles as visionaries driving positive transformation.

Taiwan Summit

Summer 2022

Over two days of inspiration and collaboration, attendees honed essential leadership skills, fostering personal growth and empowering them to create a positive impact on their communities and beyond.

Taiwan Summit

Winter 2020

This was one of GLO's largest summit in Taiwan despite the challenges that our organization experienced early in the pandemic. Our strong team brought together creative minds to continue GLO's vision.

New York Summit

Fall 2019

The NYC Leadership Summit in 2019 proved to be an influential catalyst for innovation, uniting passionate minds, forging valuable connections, and empowering leaders to thrive in the vibrant heart of the city that never sleeps.

Taiwan Summit

Winter 2019

This summit was one of GLO's largest summit in Taiwan, inviting our counselors from all over the US to teach in an immersive environment. Participants gained valuable insights, honed their leadership skills, and created lasting connections.

Taiwan Summit

Summer 2019

Our summit empowered participants with tangible leadership skills within Taiwan's dynamic community. With newfound empowerment and communal support, these future leaders are poised to ignite positive change across the globe.

Berkeley Summit

Fall 2018

The 2018 Fall Berkeley Summit was a dynamic and inspiring event that brought together passionate individuals from various backgrounds to explore leadership strategies, foster innovation, and create a lasting impact for generations to come.

GLO Together

Over the years, GLO has evolved into a vibrant community of leaders concerned with the future, impact and fun!

Social Impacathon

Winter 2022

This Social Impactathon event in Taiwan united students to make a positive impact, in hopes of uplifting communities through compassion and action.

Social Impactathon

Summer 2022

At this Social Impactathon event in Taiwan, students crafted projects to address pressing challenges, striving for a more sustainable world.

Social Impactathon

Winter 2021

Our 1st ever Social Impactathon in Taiwan! Students came together to shape a brighter future through innovative solutions and guided collaboration.

US 10 Year

March 2023

In the US, GLO has hosted summits across cities including Berkeley, LA, Austin, NYC, and Maryland. On this day we came together to remember 10 years of community, achievements, and memories.

Taiwan 10 Year Reunion

December 2022

Founding mothers and fathers joined us to celebrate GLO's journey and our individual journeys, from our high school to professional lives, crossing borders, and forming enduring bonds.


Spring 2020

With the warm summer breeze of Santa Cruz, the assembly came together to bond and embrace the joy of camaraderie. Amidst the enchanting beach setting, the team played volleyball, laughing and celebrating as they watched the mesmerizing sunset.


Fall 2019

The GLO assembly embraced the thrill of adventure at the Russian River near Sacramento. This retreat held special significance as it marked the first gathering under the leadership of our new president, Emily. Together, they navigated the rapids, creating lasting memories and forging a united team ready to embark on an inspiring journey.

Collaborations with Our Partners

Stronger together: Our organization flourishes through impactful partnerships, uniting with like-minded allies to amplify our shared mission and create a greater collective impact.

Leaders Forum

May 2021

Empowering Asian American voices within the realm of US politics, the DC Leaders Forum event built bridges of advocacy, amplifying the impact of Asian American leaders in shaping the future of our nation.

Leaders Forum

April 2019

The Leaders Forum event created a powerful platform for Asian American leaders to converge, collaborate, and drive positive change, igniting a wave of transformation in the heart of the Midwest.


Transforming Lives: Hear What Our Community Has to Say

Hillary Lin, MD

Co-Founder and CEO of HealthSavvy, Alumni

"I attended the GLO leadership conference at Berkeley in my first year of medical school at Stanford, when I had a lot to learn about leadership! My group leader (Gemmy) was fantastic and I've used lessons from the conference throughout my career since. Being a doctor means a lot of management of complex teams so the conference came at a perfect time in my career. I was much better prepared for my roles as team leader despite our schooling not having any formal leadership training. Last year, I started my own health tech company and the lessons about leadership and creativity have served me through this journey as well. Entrepreneurship is a confusing, stressful, and tough path if you go into it blindly, and I felt lucky to have important lessons about leadership through GLO. I look forward to being more involved with the organization and sharing these valuable skills with other leaders!"

Nathan Kung


"To me, GLO is not about being in positions of power or receiving recognition, but instead, a commitment to self-improvement. Being part of GLO meant starting a journey to become the best possible version of myself and with that, a sense of agency to improve the lives of those around me. Most people don’t lump the words “doctor” and “leader” together. Those same people probably think that they resemble separate career paths, even boiling down to differences in personality. When I went to my first conference in Boston (shout-out to Sean Liu) and then became a counselor in 2015, I was determined to show that an aspiring doctor could also exhibit delegative leadership, lead meetings, and most importantly, have a vision. The impact that GLO has had on me really comes down to one thing. GLO helped me put my passion for medicine into the form of a vision and I have never looked back. Thanks to GLO, I have found meaning for my career in medicine and am developing the skills to back that up. There is no better place to have started my journey than with the inspiring, supportive community I have found in GLO."

Maria Artunduaga, MD, MPH, MTM


"I became interested in GLO while pursuing my Master of Translational Medicine at UC Berkeley-UCSF. The leadership program was very popular among the students and I knew the logical next step in my career was to found a company. As a traditionally trained physician, I knew it was going to very challenging to change "the chip," to be comfortable with uncertainty and the ability to lead non-medical teams. It became very clear to me that I needed to learn a new set of skills. After finishing the training, I understood more what I needed to do, and what my strengths and weaknesses were. Up to this day, I still practice a lot of what Emily and her team taught us, I highly recommend it to anyone who sees him/herself as a future CEO."

Michael Lau


"My first GLO conference was back in 2013 at Berkeley. Since then, I've started my career as well as my own company, failed, changed careers, and am currently working on launching a second venture. GLO has provided me not just skills, but more importantly, a network, mindset, and experiences to help me stay focused and think rationally about my decisions in my career and my life. I've met so many like minded and ambitious individuals through GLO who have become some of my closest friends who provide me support, advice, and friendship when I need it most. I look forward to helping others with their journey of learning, leadership, and self exploration, and hopefully pass forward some of the things I've learned along the way as well."

Michelle Shen


"GLO changed my life after I was going through a vulnerable time in doubting my own professional abilities. For me, GLO provided an environment in which it was okay to fail and with tangible skills to make my work and communication more efficient. GLO gave me the confidence and ability to develop a thoughtful approach to engage with chronic illness patients at my previous job. It grounded me in the importance of uplifting others in your own pursuit of success. By using the skills I learned at GLO, I also facilitated a conversation at my current workplace regarding our central mission of catalyzing criminal justice reform and I helped launch their social media. Today, GLO continues to provide a supportive community as I figure out how to bring people together in a common pursuit of creating social change. As the non-profit relations head, I am given the opportunity to figure out local organizations’ needs, how to connect them with people who want to help, and lastly, how to get people to care about on the ground work for positive social change."

Robin Lee


"During the spring break of my sophomore year, I attended the first GLO summit with four other officers from the same student organization. Our club president applied many best practices based on the curriculum, building a solid foundation to a newly-founded club. During my masters program, I initiated a series of workshops to help fellow students acquire skills not taught in our regular courses. My classmate who had much more work experience applauded me for being efficient and organized during our project meetings. Within GLO, I began to coordinate training programs to develop new counselors. Even though talent development has little to do with my professional skills in data analysis, GLO provided me a sandbox to learn as I go. Through community organizations, including GLO, I acquired opportunities to develop a set of skills I would not have gotten in my workplace. I encourage each one of you to be involved in organizations, because it’s an effective way to channel your passion and to develop new skills."

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