The heart of GLO is the people.

All different backgrounds
connected to the same purpose

The heart of GLO is the people.


Emily Chen

"GLO is family — a family that lifts people up. It is a community that motivates me to do more for others and a place that has consistently kept me grounded and focused over the years."

Global Board · Partnerships

Ryan Luo

"GLO's philosophy encourages action and excellence in service of community. I love being surrounded by smart people using their talents to help those around us."

Global Board · New York Chapter President

Stefanie Wang

"I basically grew up with GLO. In these past 7 years, I've depended on leadership opportunities in the organization as a sandbox to practice and sharpen my skills, leaned on the GLO community to help me through personal and academic/professional challenges, and channeled the GLO vision to form my life ambitions."

Global Board · Taiwan Chapter President

Allen Wang

"I initially got involved with GLO to develop leadership skills but found myself staying for longer after being inspired to do more social impact. Never have I collaborated with, learned alongside, and tackled challenges with a community of people who make service an important priority in life."

Global Board · Counselor Operations

Leo Xie

"Being surrounded by people in GLO give me tremendous energy — they inspire me to be the best version of myself through their care for the community and mindset of never ending growth!"


Mario Green

"Originally GLO was a means for me to hone my leadership mindset. But after becoming more involved, I have gained new friendships with individuals who motivate me to be a kind, thoughtful, and community-oriented person."

Partnership Director

Aiden Lo

"Being surrounded by GLO people is like immersing myself in a ball of energy. People from all walks of life who are fervent about service - from high schoolers to working professionals - inspire me to be the best version of myself and are always there to support me through life’s challenges. I am grateful for this community and excited to continue my journey with GLO."

People Operations

Ella Cheng

"Staying involved in GLO has always been an important motivation encouraging me to grow and to serve. Besides continuing working and bonding with GLO family, I also want to explore more and take on more challenging roles to find my own vision in GLO."

Counselor Operations

Mina Hsia

"GLO is like family to me, the community and support system is beyond anything else I've experienced. The GLO community inspires me every day to be a better version of myself."

People Operations

Aleksandra Soldatenko

"For me, GLO is a community of professionals who share common values and support one another in their personal growth journeys while making a positive impact. I firmly believe that we embody the true spirit of a team, where 'Together Everyone Achieves More' (TEAM)."

People Operations

Artem Shitov

"During GLO participation each day is a lesson in growth, refining your vision and honing skills. I see GLO as a community of like-minded people where individuals collaborate to bring their joint vision to life and collectively drive positive change."

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