The heart of GLO is the people.

All different backgrounds
connected to the same purpose

The heart of GLO is the people.


Emily Chen

"GLO is family — a family that lifts people up. It is a community that motivates me to do more for others and a place that has consistently kept me grounded and focused over the years."

Global Board

Chelsea Chen

"If there was a Theory of Everything to demystify the world of leadership, it would be GLO."

Global Board

Ryan Luo

"The Global Leadership Organization is a space for leaders to refine their skills while building their community. I'm honored to be part of an organization that actively looks for opportunities to lead the world to a better place."

Taiwan Chapter President

Allen Wang

"I initially got involved with GLO to develop leadership skills but found myself staying for longer after being inspired to do more social impact. Never have I collaborated with, learned alongside, and tackled challenges with a community of people who make service an important priority in life."

New York Chapter President

Stefanie Wang

"I basically grew up with GLO. In these past 7 years, I've depended on leadership opportunities in the organization as a sandbox to practice and sharpen my skills, leaned on the GLO community to help me through personal and academic/professional challenges, and channeled the GLO vision to form my life ambitions."

Berkeley Chapter President

Monica Lee

"Meeting the humans of GLO has been nothing short of a blessing. Helping develop my leadership skills in a way I didn’t dare to think was possible as a freshman, GLO has consistently been a strong source of inspiration, education, and community."

Counselor Operations Director

Leo Xie

"Being surrounded by people in GLO give me tremendous energy — they inspire me to be the best version of myself through their care for the community and mindset of never ending growth!"

Consulting Director

Judith Gonzalez

"GLO completely changed the way I look at both leadership and my life. I'm so grateful for the community, skills, and confidence I've gained since joining, I know it would have taken me years to get where I am without GLO frameworks and friends."

Partnerships Director

Nolan Milani

“I always try to join teams and organizations that I can both learn from and draw inspiration. Getting to work with a group of bright minds dedicated to having meaningful impact is what gets me passionate about being a part of GLO.”

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